Top Tips for Defeating the Ammoconda

Meet the Ammoconda

The Ammoconda is a very powerful and dangerous boss. If you're not ready to handle the Ammoconda, it can wreck your run pretty quickly. Separating into segments, each of which is able to fire independently of the others, this snake can take down even the most skilled Gungeoneers. The threat doesn't stay static, either - the Ammoconda is ravenously hungry, and as it consumes, it will grow in length and power.


Thankfully, with an understanding of what the Ammoconda is and what it can do, you can somewhat negate a lot of the threat this boss poses.

Circle of Pain

This is the most basic of the Ammoconda's attacks, and is probably the easiest to deal with. In the Circle of Pain, the Ammoconda shoots a circle of bullets in all directions, which expand the further they get away from the Ammoconda. This is a pretty common attack, and has been seen in bosses previously, so it should be rather easy to deal with. The point where the bullets fire from is usually the tail, so watch for this attack when the Ammoconda begins to undulate around this point.



  • By far the easiest attack to mitigate. Like other bosses, as the bullets move outwards, the spaces increase, allowing you to dodge between them. This is where the bulk of your damage is likely to come from, as you have a pretty clear shot at the entire body of the snake, and it usually coils pretty close to itself.
  • While this attack shouldn't be too hard to deal with, do keep in mind that there are typically other attacks happening concurrently. If this attack has been launched by itself or in conjunction with one or two simple attacks, you're going to be fine, but if you're dealing with turrets (or worse), watch your immediate location or consider using a Blank.

Undulating Lines

In this attack, the Ammoconda fires off a wriggling line of bullets that move haphazardly across the arena. While this is sort of a subset of a later move, the Snakes of Bullets, it is a little harder to dodge only because of how randomly it moves. While they wiggle in their localized movement, they really move in diagonals. Look at where the Ammoconda is, and then draw a straight line in the direction the bullets are moving. Expand that line out one bullet to the left, and one bullet to the right - that is the "kill zone", or the area that is essentially a no-go.



  • Another easy attack to dodge, as long as it's not compounded with anything else. When it IS compounded, however, Gungeoneers often find themselves struggling to deal with the weird moving lines in addition to other attacks. All in all, relatively easy to dodge as long as you pay attention!
  • You can dodge over this line, though considering your situation, it may just be better to move away from it. In some situations however, especially when compounded with other attacks, it might make more sense to do a dodge roll over the line, especially since the range of the undulation essentially makes it so that once you complete your roll, you're clear on the other side of the potential "kill-zone".

Snakes of Bullets

In this attack, the Ammoconda goes full Inception by firing lines of bullets that wriggle like snakes. Each bullet is hugely damaging, but because the line of bullets travels in a predicable and consistent way, they are somewhat easily dealt with.



  • Incept this, Ammoconda. Because of the way the bullets handle themselves, more often than not you're going to be completely scot-free from this attack's damage. This is a great chance to get in a ton of damage - the snakes don't really have a mind of their own, so they're quite easily dodged, allowing you to deal an incredible amount of damage over a short amount of time.
  • Make sure to watch out for back attacks and sneaky combination moves, because the Ammoconda likes to use this attack in conjunction with other attacks, leading to a situation wherein you are dodging everything great, but then you get blindsided by a turret. Situational awareness is key, here.

A Game of SNAKE

In this attack, the Ammoconda fires off a line of bullets that moves in a cardinal direction (that is, either North, East, West, or South). The line can make 90 degree changes, seriously reducing and controlling your movement throughout the area.



  • This is probably the most annoying attack in the Ammoconda arsenal, and where most Gungeoneers get wrecked. While it looks rather simple and easy to handle, the movements of this attack seriously limit your movement through the arena, and when combined with other attacks, you can very quickly find yourself backed into a corner. Second only to the turrets, don't be afraid to use a Blank if you find your movement too limited.
  • Do keep in mind that these bullets can travel in right angles from their original point and ordination, so don't accept that they're where you think they're going to be. They can, and do, turn on a dime, and can seriously mess you up if you're not paying attention. Don't be afraid to use a Blank here, as they're often combined with some earlier attacks for real-estate limiting attacks.

Pop Up Snake Turrets

It might not seem like a daunting challenge, but the Pop Up Snake Turrets are by far the most threatening attack the Ammoconda launches. How is it so dangerous? It's not - you are. Shots from these turrets can come out of nowhere, especially when you're dealing with other, more complex attacks.



  • This is a hard one to deal with, largely because it requires 100% concentration at all times. While the other attacks are relatively easy to dodge and juke, failing to watch where the turrets are shooting can be a "death by a thousand cuts" situation. Not only that, this attack, like A Game of SNAKE severely restricts your movement throughout the arena. Pay attention, and try and keep the turret front and center - if it's behind you, your movement will probably guide you right into it.
  • The turrets upgrade the longer they're up, so taking them down quickly is really, really important. Failing to do so will result in the turrets not only getting larger, but getting faster, making their threat even worse. While most attacks launched by the Ammoconda are decent enough times to directly attack, whenever you see a turret, you should immediately focus fire on the turret to negate this threat.

Slippery and Dangerous

Dealing with the Ammoconda seems easy at first, but it has a range of attacks that can make this boss pretty difficult. The largest difficulty is going to be the turrets, which can catch you off guard, but as long as you're paying attention, you should be able to get out relatively easy, and without much damage.


For more gameplay tips, check out the Official Wiki, packed to the gills with secrets, references, and guides to surviving the bullet hell onslaught. Want to chat up some fellow Gungeoneers? Head over to our forums!



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