Top Tips for Defeating the Gorgun

Meet the Gorgun

The Gorgun Meduzi has been the fall of many novice Gungeoneers. Her shrieks call bullets from beyond the curtain, her gaze turns firing mechanisms into stone, and her slippery, wily attacks confuse even the best gunslingers. With a few specialty tactics and a deep understanding of how she attacks, the Gorgun can be effectively and completely routed. Fail to understand her attacks, though, and be prepared to turn to stone - for forever.


Wave of Terror

In the Wave of Terror, the Gorgun generates semi-transparent waves that can freeze the player in their tracks immediately, stopping them form firing their weapons. This effect happens if the waves hit the player while they're looking at the Gorgun. This is a huge game changer for most encounters, as it essentially negates all of your efforts and can quickly lead to massively diminished health.



  • This attack is hugely dangerous, so as soon as you see the Gorgeon start to flash and her eyes turn green, look away. The transparent wave can be dodged over like any other attack, but it's far easier to simply not look.

Poisonous Trail

This is a really powerful attack, largely due to how much of the arena it negates and what that ultimately does to your playstyle. The Gorgun dives underground, charging at the player, and then jumps up, twisting around the player and leaving a trail of poison. While the trail can be jumped over (and into, as long as you immediately jump again), any significant amount of time spent in the poison will result in massive damage.



  • Dodging the trail is vital to surviving this encounter. Thankfully, there's a bit of a cheat move you can pull. Instead of trying to move to the thinner part of the poisonous trail, simply jump into the poison, and immediately jump again. If you time this right, you should be able to do two jumps through the trail without incurring any damage. This is somewhat risky, of course, but is better than getting hurt trying to find a good dodge point.

Gorgun's Sidearms

In this attack, the Gorgun sprays bullets from both of her sides, starting first with shots above and below her, and then meeting in the center. This fire line forms a line across the arena, making any space above, below, or in front of her a dead zone.



  • To deal with this attack, wait until the bullets converge. Because they're being fired in an arc and have to meet in the center to converge, this point will have the highest density in the smallest space. This means that point is the perfect place to dodge.
  • The Gorgun tends to do this attack twice in a row, so as soon as you've dodged one of the attacks, make sure to get ready to dodge the second one.

Ring of Fire

In the Ring of Fire, the Gorgun spews rings of bullets in all direction, with small openings in the top, bottom left, and bottom right. These openings close as the bullets spread out through the arena.



  • Converse to what you may think when dealing with Bosses, the best way to go about dealing with this attack is to actually stay close to the Gorgun. The bullet openings will close as they emenate from the Gorgun, so being close will give you a decent enough space to walk through. 
  • This is the perfect attack to deal the bulk of your damage throughm as the dodging is relatively simple.

Bullet Volley

In the Bullet Volley attack, the Gorgun sprays bullets in all directions, with alternating openings. The pattern almost looks like a Chinese Checkers board, and while the spaces grow as the bullets travel, the proportions are more or less the same.



  • As with any boss attack, if these get too overwhelming, you can always use a blank. Having enough distance, however, will ensure that you won't need them, as the spaces between the bullets should give you enough room to maneuver. 

A Heart of Stone

The Gorgun is a hard boss, but only if you're not paying attention. Watch her moves, and make sure you're conscious of the arena. If you do so, you'll be fine, and the Gorgun will seem like no big deal. If you underestimate her, though, expect to be wrecked pretty quickly, as some of her moves come in such closely compacted waves that they can wash over your Gungeoneer in seconds, obliterating your hearts.


For more gameplay tips, check out the Official Wiki, packed to the gills with secrets, references, and guides to surviving the bullet hell onslaught. Want to chat up some fellow Gungeoneers? Head over to our forums!



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