Top Tips for Defeating the Cannonbalrog

Meet the Cannonbalrog

A massive skull buried deep under dark clouds of gunpowder and hatred, the Cannonbalrog is a giant skull living in the Black Powder Mine. The leader of the Skusket, the Cannonbalrog can dominate even the best players. Thankfully, with an understanding of its skillset and a few tricks, it too can be knocked down and out.

The Cannonball Run

In this attack, the Cannonbalrog turns into a cannon ball, rolling around the room. While this would be challenging enough to dodge and deal with, his follow up adds even more bullets to the situation. When slamming against a wall, the Cannonbalrog creates a ring of bullets that expand in all directions.



  • This attack might seem scary, but it's actually quite easy to negate. Because the ring of bullets expands horizontally as it moves, but not vertically, the Dodge Roll has more than enough lateral distance in its execution that you can dodge the entirety of the ring with a single roll. Don't worry about dealing damage here, as you just need to be paying attention more than anything else, and Cannonbalrog moves so fast there's no point in trying to pin him down.

The Dark Room

In this move, the Cannonbalrog disappears, turning the room pitch black and sinking into the floor. Underneath the floor, his eyes appear randomly throughout the arena, launching a line of five bullets that bounce multiple times off the walls and other obstacles.



  • The big threat here isn't the bullets, it's the player. Don't let yourself get distracted by the darkness, but Cannonbalrog disappearing, or by the random nature of the bullets. As long as you pay attention and keep moving, you will have more than enough space between each bullet in the line of bullets to dodge. Don't worry about dealing damage during this move, as you can't even deal damage during this time.

Eye See You

In this attack, Cannonbalrog moves slowly while shooting spiraling streams of bullets from both eyes. This attack can be somewhat difficult to deal with, so if need be, a Blank can always be used to negate it.



  • While this attack can be mitigated with a Blank, experienced players should have no problem at all using the dead spots that originate from the firing pattern to dodge the bullets. This is going to be one of Cannonbalrog's attacks where the Gungeoneer can deal the most damage, so make sure to keep moving and put as much lead as possible down range.

Hate Stream

A pretty standard attack. Cannonbalrog will fire a continuous stream of bullets at the player, which can be pretty easily dodged.



  • This attack is incredibly easy to deal with, and as such, is the prime time to deal as much damage as possible. Seeking weapons are good for other moves, but during this time, even the starter weapons can deal an insane amount of damage when aimed properly.  Because of Cannonbalrog's relatively slow movement at this time, consider utilizing area of effect weapons like the Molotov to deal excess damage while using your primary or sidearm to deal the bulk of damage.

Circle Shooters

The third attack where the Cannonbalrog exposes himself. During this attack, Cannonbalrog will hop in a circle, and when he lands, send out concentric rings of bullets in all directions. As the bullets move out from their origination point, they spread, increasing space between each bullet.



  • This is the easiest attack to deal with, and is where 60-70% of the total damage dealt to Cannonbalrog is likely going to come from. Simply keep moving, Dodge Roll when the lines overlap, and continue to keep up fire pressure on the Cannonbalrog to clear him quickly and efficiently.

Roll Em And Weep

The Cannonbalrog might seem intimidating, but once you get its pattern down and understand how it attacks, it really is one of the easier enemies to deal with. Keep your wits about you, watch for its roll, and before you know it, the Cannonbalrog will be a relic of the mines.


For more gameplay tips, check out the Official Wiki, packed to the gills with secrets, references, and guides to surviving the bullet hell onslaught. Want to chat up some fellow Gungeoneers? Head over to our forums!



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