Patch Notes 1.0.9


Added a new version for 64-bit Windows
Fixed a bug which could cause level generation to hang indefinitely
Mimics no longer teleport when re-entering their room, and can now follow you out of reward rooms
Explosions can no longer hit players through walls
Fixed a bug which could cause you to get stuck in a conversation if the shopkeeper teleported away while you were talking to him
The Compass now works in Bullet Hell
Fixed input issues when using the left stick in the slow motion gun select mode
Added an option to allow unknown controllers, and to restrict XInput and non-XInput controllers
Improved the feel of using the left stick to navigate menu options
Reduced memory usage of lights and the Ammonomicon (may help with memory related crashes)
Angering the main shopkeeper will no longer cause other shop types to have no inventory
The dog will no longer damage the portable turret on contact
Projectile traps are now affected by the Aged Bell
Fixed an issue where sharks from the Compressed Air Tank couldn't hit bosses that exist in pits (e.g. DraGun, <Redacted>)
Fixed an issue where Table Tech Sight (and similar items) combined poorly with shotguns and similar weapons
Fixed an issue where some players couldn't retry the tutorial
Fixed a bug caused by dying to flames while holding the Clone item
Changing characters in the Breach after purchasing a round of Blessed Gun mode no longer breaks the mode
Gatling Gull's melee attack no longer ignores the Ethereal state
Fixed a bug which caused some rooms to spawn with no enemies if the player is cursed
Young Beholsters spawned by the Eye of the Beholster will no longer attack <REDACTED> (secret character unlock)
Fixed an issue which could cause players to get stuck in a conversation with the Cop when he dies
Receiving the Gunsling King reward now immediately increments your number of wins (it's no longer necessary to speak directly to the King afterward)
Fixed a bug where some table tech effects would persist forever if you dropped the item while they were active
Homing bullets caught by the Red Wizard now behave correctly
Fixed a bug where the first attack of the DraGun's second phase could be skipped
Fixed an exploit where the DraGun fight could be cheesed with flight items
Damaging companions no longer restores the player's active item cooldowns
Fixed an exploit where players could hide in boss doors that spawned to the north of boss rooms
Shotgun Full of Love no longer takes 2 ammo per shot
Fixed a problem with the Gunknight Armor set when used by the Marine
Fixed the death animation for the Gunknight Armor set
Fixed a UI bug which could prevent ammo for displaying for Mahoguny
Fixed some Fast Scaling visual bugs (Jammed effect on projectiles now shows, fixed some issues with boss transitions)
Fixed some string issues in several translated lines of dialogue (heart symbols, wavy text for the Ledge Goblin)
Fixed some animation issues when <REDACTED> (secret character) has a flight item
Left click will now always work in menus, even if the default keyboard shoot button has been rebound
Fixed a bug caused by using an escape rope while riding in a mine cart
Added an option to turn off "look in movement direction" behavior
Added a workaround for those who earned Lead God but did not unlock the Super Hot Watch




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