Patch Notes 1.0.8


Fixed a bug where holding an infinite ammo gun when the last enemy in a room is killed prevented normal ammo crates from spawning
Water drums will now always spawn in the <REDACTED> room if you've used them before
Sticky crossbow bolts will no longer damage players when detonated
Enemies now immediately drop currency when transmogrified
Orbital items will no longer shoot <REDACTED> (secret character unlock)
Improved performance of the Pilot's past considerably
Fixed a dungeon generation bug where short hallways could intersect with other rooms
Fixed a bug where transitioning levels while in a conversation would break player movement (e.g. boss rush elevator)
Updated input code handling in an effort to resolve multiple controller bugs
Added the option to display an aim cursor while using a controller
Coolness's cooldown reduction is now capped at 50%
Fixed an exploit where some guns could be fired extremely quickly by switching weapons between shots (e.g. the sword Blashphemy)
Killing mimics in reward rooms no longer has a chance to spawn room clear rewards
The balloon can no longer attach to dogs or other companions
Improved one method of traversing the giant pit in the fourth Chamber
Improved bee performance
The end-of-floor elevator will now come even if the player is stealthed
Discount items will now work correctly when acquired by the coop player
Changing items while using the grappling hook no longer breaks player movement
The Dog item is no longer invisible when popping out of chests
Added a faster uniform scaling graphics option (Fast Scaling)
Fixed a visual bug with the Lost Adventurer's movement
Fixed a text issue which displayed "%META_CURRENCY" in some languages
Fixed a bug which could cause the pause menu to display incorrectly when returning to the Breach
Fixed multiple bugs caused by dying while inside a minecart
Fixed a visual bug which could cause the Bullet King to show up as two thrones
Fixed a problem with the Shopkeeper's dialogue when players enter/leave the shop
Fixed a typo in the Ammonomicon for the BSG
Fixed a bug where the Gunsling King could keep adding icons to your minimap
Glitch chests can no longer spawn in the tutorial
Players can no longer open the gun select menu while the full map is shown
Fixed an issue where specific combinations of guns could double all gun capacity


1.0.8 Hot Fix

(1) Couldn't select by moving cursor to the right
(2) Wouldn't persist across floors
(3) Fast scaling could cause a problem with the death screen.





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