PS4 Save Game Issues - Resolution Update

A Resolution

As previously noted, Patch 1.02 (equivalent to 1.0.5 on PC) released for PS4 versions of Enter the Gungeon resulted in unforeseen consequences. Almost immediately after the patch was certified and pushed live, some issues were identified that caused save file loading failure for certain players. In response, the patch was rolled back to 1.01 (equivalent to 1.0.0 on PC).


Today, Dodge Roll and are proud to announce a resolution fix pushed live for the Playstation 4. The biggest takeaway is that your progress in the previous patch has been maintained on Slot D, with your old, pre-patch progress on slot A-C.


Additional patch notes below.


Made secret room spawns slightly more predictable
Fixed a crash bug related to Gunther
Fixed a rare bug involving elevators and the Bloody Scarf
Wiping a save slot's progress will no longer wipe the slot once again when the game closes
Conversations can no longer be interrupted by projectiles
Fixed some cases where the Lord of the Jammed could cause damage to the player in unfair moments
Fixed an issue where the caped <REDACTED> wouldn't escape when some invulnerable enemies remaining in the room
Fixed various issues when entering the Oubliette in coop
Fixed a positioning issue with the television toss that could cause it to unfairly fall into pits
Fixed an exploit where the hip holster could to fire extremely rapidly
Gave Gatling Gull's melee attack a cooldown (no more cheesing!)
The Molotov gun no longer puts out fires
The Boomerang is no longer usable in empty rooms



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