Top Tips for Defeating the High Priest

Meet the High Priest

The High Priest is anything but holy. In fact, he might be the most unholy thing in the entire Gungeon. A true demon behemoth, the avatar of Kaliber, and the High Priest of the Order of the True Gun. This is a boss of randomness, occasionally darting in a random direction, spawning bullets randomly from the wall, and generally being a nuisance.


That being said, once you get used to some of the Priest's attacks, it's somewhat manageable - assuming of course that the RNG gods hear your prayers, and you run into a particularly good stroke of luck.

Ring of Death

In this attack, the High Priest surrounds himself with a ring of large bullets, severely limiting the movement of the Gungeoneer. If that wasn't bad enough, the stakes are drastically increased in the second part of this attack.


As a follow up, the Priest will fire homing skulls that target, lock on, and track the Gungeoneer. When destroyed, the skulls burst into 6 individual bullets, which then fire a ring of bullets outwards.



  • The best way to deal with this attack is to roll through the ring of bullets. At a certain point, the best you can do is to minimize the damage potential, and negating that ring is chief in this strategy. Beyond this, destroy the skulls as fast as possible, and deal with the entire attack at once, as opposed to stringing it out and complicating it by forcing your Gungeoneer to deal with this attack and the beginning of another.

Shadow Jumper

In this attack, the Priest temporarily darkens the room, increasing his already unfair advantage. Then, the Priest begins to teleport around the area, firing waves of projectiles at you from random locations. There's no discernible pattern the Priest follows here - it truly seems random, though your mileage may vary.



  • Pay attention! This attack should be easy to mitigate if you're paying attention. These waves of bullets often meet up at a certain point, so if you see this point forming, move towards it and roll past it. This will get you past the bulk of the bullet wave in proximity, and ready to deal with another.

Spinning Stream

In this attack, the Priest becomes a mid-1990's sprinkler! He extends both of his arms, and starts to spray rotating streams of bullets that spread out to the edge of the screen.



  • Much like the Kill Pillars, the key here is to watch the pattern of the streaming bullets. If you time your jumps just right, and jump towards the stream rather than away from it, you should be able to clear it with more than enough time to dodge the next incoming row.

Random Stream

A variation of the Spinning Stream, only this time, bullets fire randomly in all directions.



  • Deal with this as you did the Spinning Stream, with a bit more attention to detail. The streams are truly random here, so you'll have to watch what you're doing and make sure you're not placing yourself in a location where you'll get hit. Don't be afraid to use blanks here! Though they should hopefully be saved for more complex attacks, this attack can be truly damaging if left unchecked, so do what you need to!

Triangular Shock

The Priest fires wide spreads of triangular bullets, which spread as they get further out. Luckily, this spread makes it relatively easy to dodge, as the further you are away from the Priest, the wider the space between the bullets gets.



  • Move out! As you get further from the Priest, the space between bullets widens out, giving you much more space to dodge through, and less chance of getting hit. The waves seem to fire unidirectionally, so they're somewhat easy to plan your movements against. This should be, by far, the easiest attack to deal with when facing the Priest.

Homing Bullet

Probably one of the harder attacks to deal with, only because of how different it is to other attacks. The Priest fires a single, fast bullet that homes in on the player, tracking them rather precisely. This is a pretty straightforward attack when you figure out the weakness - the bullet will track you, but has a slight delay.



  • Dodging this bullet is incredibly easy, but somewhat illogical. Dodge...but dodge late. If you begin to move away from the bullet early, it will just follow you, but if you roll when the bullet looks like it's near you, and off to the side at that, you can force it to curve dramatically, overshooting your location by a mile.

Watch Your Six

The problem here, of course, is dealing damage. With so much going on the screen, it's hard to find space and time to attack the Priest, even if his attacks are somewhat negated with proper strategy. Homing weapons make this fight a piece of cake, but even a simple sidearm can be effective if uses with the proper dodging techniques.


For more gameplay tips, check out the Official Wiki, packed to the gills with secrets, references, and guides to surviving the bullet hell onslaught. Want to chat up some fellow Gungeoneers? Head over to our forums!



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