Patch Notes 1.0.7


Added a new gun inspired by our trip to PAX East, the Poxcannon
Collecting Master Rounds with the <REDACTED> (secret character) now gives 1 armor instead of nothing
Fixed an issue which could cause hangs during dungeon generation
The High Priest's wall bullets will no longer spawn on top of players
Companions will no longer shoot <REDACTED> (secret character unlock)
Players can no longer take contact damage while using the Ring of Ethereal Form and Potion of Lead Skin
Fixed an issue which could prevent the Gun Soul from dropping
Transmogrified enemies will now correctly drop currency
Fixed an issue where some summoned enemies were dropping currency
Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in the door when skipping the Door Lord intro
Dying in the Pilot's past now properly unlocks the Time Paradox achievement
Keyboard bindings are now use for Player 2 as well
Mimics can no longer be transmogrified
Added a fourth save slot (Slot D)
Fixed an issue where the Super Hot Watch and the Bloody Scarf interacted to pause the game for long periods of time
The Clone item will now work properly in Boss Rush mode
Fixed an issue involving turrets and the Rolling Eye
Fixed a rare issue where angering the shopkeeper in coop could result in both players being locked out of an active room



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