Top Tips for Defeating the Kill Pillars

Meet the Kill Pillars

The Kill Pillars, like the Trigger Twins, aren't exactly a "boss" - they're actual four bosses who move together, but attack independently. Because each pillar has its own life bar, and their mode of attack changes so radically, many novice Gungeoneers find the Kill Pillars to be borderline insurmountable.


Luckily, with a few tricks, an understanding of how they attack, and a plan to counteract their strengths, the Kill Pillars can easily be defeated!

Spinning Pillars

This is arguably the attack the stops most novice Gungeoneers in their tracks. The Kill Pillars group themselves in the center of the arena, and begin to radiate lines of bullets that quickly fill the arena. During this, they emanate their own lines of bullets, severely restricting movement.



  • The best way to deal with this attack is actually something simple, albeit counter intuitive. Stay close to the enemy! The closer you are to the Kill Pillars, the easier it will be to dodge their attacks, as the rest of the arena is closed off. Even wandering into the outer edges can put you in a situation where you're damaged, you recover, then are immediately damaged again. Sticking close to the center helps negate this.

Jumping Attack

If the first attack doesn't get you, this one will. The Jumping Attack is a simple attack where the Kill Pillars begin to leap in the air towards the player, and fire bullets all around. This is incredibly damaging if not managed correctly, and can easily decimate even extra-hearted or armored Gungeoneers.



  • How do you survive such an onslaught? Do the opposite of the first strategy! By keeping as much distance as possible between yourself and the pillars, you grant yourself more free movement, and increase the chance of dodging between bullet lines.

Circle of Death

The Kill Pillars are crafty, and when they're not jumping around like mad men (mad bullets?), they pull out this move. Sitting in the center of the arena, they will continually jump in a circle, firing bullets in all directions. This is damaging in that it limits your movement throughout the arena, but other than that, this is easily the most avoidable attack in their skill sheet.



  • Keep distance, and don't be afraid to use Blanks - though you shouldn't need them, especially if you utilize the Dodge Roll effectively.

Revenge of the Lone Pillar

So you've made it this far. Good job! You've gone one last great hurdle, and it's a doozy. After you've defeated three of the Kill Pillars, you'll face off against a powered up and healed final pillar. During this, the pillar will jump in the air, attempting to squish you, and fire rings of bullets punctuated by single bullets on the fringe.



  • Stay between three and four pillar widths away from the pillar at all times. Because of the nature of the weapon spread, if you keep this distance, your dodge roll will clear the entire width of the attack, effectively negating it. When you come up from the roll, immediately begin firing to deal as much damage as possible.

Persevere and Keep Your Head Straight

The Kill Pillars are not immortal - they're just another group of enemies with set patterns that can, and have been defeated. Once you remove the initial fear of the battle, and relax into a consistent strategy, these enemies quickly lose their teeth.


For more gameplay tips, check out the Official Wiki, packed to the gills with secrets, references, and guides to surviving the bullet hell onslaught. Want to chat up some fellow Gungeoneers? Head over to our forums!



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