The Gungeoneer's Guide to Surviving The Gungeon, Part One

Cruel, Cruel Mistress

The Gungeon is a constantly evolving and changing bullet hell fortress, and boy, does it feel like it. Elegantly blending meticulous hand-designed rooms within a procedurally-generated labyrinth, the Gungeon is bent on destroying all that enter its walls.

Even modest victories result in raised stakes and unforgiving revenge from the sentries and traps within. Luckily, you're not just some ordinary person - you're a Gungeoneer! Armed to the teeth and nimble as can be, the Gungeoneer can, with a little finesse and knowledge, descend into the depths, kill the past, and maybe change history.


Here's part one of The Gungeoneer's Guide to Surviving The Gungeon! These tips and tricks for surviving the Gungeon have been culled from Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit; if you have any of your own tips, comment below and let us know!

Pause Time

One of the best ways to survive in The Gungeon is to plan out your movements, considering all possible interactions before making a decision.


Fortunately, there's a built in option that gives you a quick breather in these heated situations - the Control button! Hitting ctrl will temporarily freeze time, allowing you to plan out your movements, prioritize targets, and plan out effective item use!

(from DeadPixel)

Keep Moving

While pausing to assess the situation with time frozen is a great idea, stopping while time is still moving is one of the worst things you can possibly do. The enemy can only hit you if you let them - each hit you take in The Gungeon is largely due to your own failure to dodge.


Accordingly, don't stop, and keep moving! Dodging, dipping around corners, and ducking behind tables will reduce your damage far more than any item or trick will. Don't stop moving if you want to survive!

(from Kyle Martin)

Save Blanks

Blanks are super useful. Clearing the room of all bullets and eliminating certain obstacles is really important, but the limited stock can make when to use them confusing.


The best use of Blanks is actually boss battles! When clearing a boss with flawless, extra health is granted, and this extra health makes progressing through the Gungeon infinitely easier. Save up your blanks for these boss fights to net this bonus!

(from Sniper4Hire)

Learn to Manage Keys

Efficient key utilization and management really is the "key" to success in the Gungeon. Learning the chest hierarchy goes a long way towards informing Gungeoneers as to their best uses (see the chest hierarchy on the Official Wiki here).


Most importantly, remember that buying keys from the shops is almost always worth it. You're essentially spending 25 shells for a guaranteed item, which is far cheaper than buying weapons carte blanche from shops.

(from hs_recovery)

Reconsider Secret Rooms

The Gungeon is replete with secret rooms, but that's not to say these rooms are always worth it. More often than not, these rooms are split between amazing items and nothing worthwhile - this RNG really makes actively searching for secret rooms something to reconsider unless you desperately need blanks or ammo.


Reconsider seeking out these rooms given your situation, amount of keys, and potential upcoming weapon sources like boss rooms and regular chests.

(from AppleSiren)

Roll Towards the Bullet

In a bit of counter intuitive gameplay, it's actually better to roll towards the bullet than it is to roll away. Because of the way the dodge roll is handled, more often than not, if you roll away from the bullet you will emerge out of the invincibility frames while still in the proximity of the bullet.


Beating this is simple - roll towards the bullet! Doing so will help you clear the damage frames easily, while also allowing you ample time to move once you emerge on the other side.

(from flameblast12)

Use the Starter Weapon

The Gungeon has some really amazing weapons. The problem, though, is that these weapons have limited ammunition. So don't use them! At least, not right away.


Save your special weapons until at least the third or fourth floor, as most starter weapons are more than enough to take on the first few floors. Use these and your items sparingly, and by the time you get to areas that are much harder to clear, you'll have an entire arsenal at your disposal.

(from kteavnignxd)

Conquer the Gungeon

With these tips and tricks, you might survive a little longer - then again, you might die quicker than ever. Every player is different, and with varying playstyles and challenges, the best advice we can give is simply this - stay on your toes, and don't get shot. 


The Gungeon is tilted against you in every way possible - these tips and tricks help to rebalance that scale ever so slightly, but nothing is a "silver bullet". Only through tenacity, perseverance, and sheer suffering can anyone of us hope to finally kill the past.


For more gameplay tips, check out the Official Wiki, packed to the gills with secrets, references, and guides to surviving the bullet hell onslaught. Want to chat up some fellow Gungeoneers? Head over to our forums!



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