Patch Notes 1.0.6


Teleporters will no longer spawn in the way of traps (rolling logs or projectile traps)
Performance improvements for the Forge
The Lead God acheivement now correctly unlocks the Super Hot Watch
Map zoom level will no longer reset each floor
Fixed an issue where enemies could spawn inside of sarcophagi
Fixed a problem where homing modifiers would cause genade launcher rounds to angle away from targets
Chests and health pickups now have more descriptive icons on the map
Decreased the quality of the Chaos Ammolet (will spawn more often in lower level chests and less often in black chests)
Pushing a table into another room will no longer cause it to become invisible
Fixed an issue with reflected bullet directions for some enemy projectiles
Fixed an issue where the Kill Pillars could be injured from blanks fired in adjacent rooms
Fixed an issue where the electric guitar would fire extremely quickly if you left an amp on the previous floor
Blizzbulons that die in pits will no longer reappear when you reenter the room
Homing modifiers will no longer allow the Black Hole Gun projectiles to live forever
Fixed a visual bug that occurs when completing <REDACTED> (final secret floor)
Players can no longer get stuck on Trorc's (truck merchant's) display in the Breach
The cop will no longer immediately die if acquired in the Forge
Gun selection hotkeys on the keyboard now only affect the player using the keyboard (in coop)



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