Top Tips for Defeating the Wallmonger

Meet the Wallmonger

The Wallmonger is a beast in its own class. Gungeoneers on the forums have lamented its difficulty, largely due to the fact that its basically a moving wall of death - and failing to kill it before it traverses the room is an instakill.


This is completely unlike other bosses, such as the Gatling Gull or Beholster, who, despite moving frantically and constantly, at least give you moments to breathe. The Wallmonger is the exact opposite - the entire battle is a breathless affair, and you've got no choice but to duke it out.


That being said, there are some tips to defeating the Wallmonger. If these tips help you, let us know in the comments, or join us on the forums to share your own tips!

The Death Trail

The Death Trail is an extremely frustrating move, as it constrains your already limited range of motion even further than before. The Wallmonger likes to use this attack during moments where the screen is already flooded, multiplying its annoyance factor.


Essentially, the Death Trail creates a poison or fire trail right down the center of the room, damaging anything that comes into contact with it. The worst part about this attack, though, is that it's easy to forget, and traversing it can cause huge unexpected damage.


So don't! The second you see this attack happen, start thinking not in terms of "damage" but in terms of "survival". Dodge rolling over the trail will stop the bulk of damage, but you need to keep yourself aware of exactly where the trail is at all times.



  • This trail doesn't really disappear, so you need to keep in mind where it is while moving about.
  • The Wallmonger really likes to use this move in concert with the Bullet Blocks attack, so time your movements carefully!

Rectangular Formations

The Rectangular Formations are relatively simple, though they can catch you off-guard if you're not careful. The Wallmonger fires blocks of bullets, three by five, which gradually expand as they move away from him.


The catch here is that expansion. If you plan your movements based on their initial position, you're going to get caught in the expansion, which is hugely damaging. Likewise, this attack is often paired with clusters of single bullets, which can really mess up your day.



  • The Wallmonger, like other bosses in the Gungeon, is a beast of patterns. Get the pattern of the blocks down in your head, and you'll easily be able to dodge them. Keep back towards the edge of visibility to plan out your movements while keeping expansion in mind.
  • The patterns these blocks take often leave a diagonal pattern. It might be tempting to roll through this, but the pause after your roll will put you right in the line of fire. Roll backwards if need be, and to the side whenever possible, for best effect.

Bullet Blocks

Used in concert with The Death Trail, the Bullet Blocks attack releases large blocks of bullets that cover half the width of the room. These attacks alternate between each half, and comes with firing spreads of bullets.

As previously stated, the biggest problem here is the fact that the Wallmonger pairs this attack with The Death Trail, which hugely limits your movement.



  • Don't be afraid to use Blanks! Usually, we'd advise you hold off until you absolutely need them, but the Wallmonger does not give you a chance to breathe. Use Blanks if you don't see a way out!
  • Several items can reflect bullets given a specific situation (such as unloading). These items, typically found in secret rooms, can make this battle as easy as floor one!

The Waving Line

The Waving Line is, predictably, a waving line of bullets that spans the width of the room. These bullets are relatively easy to avoid, but again, they limit your movement dramatically.


Thankfully, however, this relative ease of dodging provides a perfect time to deal huge damage to the Wallmonger. Focus your fire directly, and make sure you Dodge Roll around the lines to get your thumps in.



  • Don't get complacent! This is an easy attack to avoid, but it can be followed up really fast by something worse, which can absolutely ruin your day! Watch the lines, and plan your movements!
  • High rate of fire weapons are best for this battle, since your moments of clarity are few and far inbetween.

Push Forward

The Wallmonger is not an easy boss to face off against, and has been the ruin of many good runs. If you keep these tips in mind however, and watch the patterns of bullets the Wallmonger issues forth, you should be able to turn this beast of a boss into a breeze. Just keep cool, keep calm, and keep collected - but most importantly, KEEP SHOOTING!


For more gameplay tips, check out the Official Wiki, packed to the gills with secrets, references, and guides to surviving the bullet hell onslaught. Want to chat up some fellow Gungeoneers? Head over to our forums!



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