The Enter the Gungeon Wiki App is Now Available for Android, iOS


Good news Gungeoneers! The Enter the Gungeon Wiki App is now available on Google Play and iTunes! Keep your smartphone or tablet close by as you smash the Bullet Kin!



The app is designed for ease of use, and is replete with all the guides, tips, and tricks you've come to expect from the Official Wiki! Inside, you'll find:


  • Detailed gun descriptions, unlock conditions, and statistics!
  • Enemy profiles and variations!
  • Boss statistics and guides on how to defeat them!
  • Items and unlockables, including secrets!

Ready to blow away The Gungeon with your insider knowledge? Grab the app now on Google Play and iTunes.


If you want to contribute your own guides, tips, and tricks, check out the Official Enter the Gungeon Wiki on Gamepedia! You can also join us on the official forums, and stay up to date by following Gungeoneers on Facebook and Twitter!



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