Top Five Guns for Better Runs

Guns, Guns, Guns!

Enter the Gungeon is a game about many things, but principally, it's about guns. Choosing the right guns can make an almost impossible run that much easier, and can clear bosses that would otherwise be insurmountable.


Here are our five picks for guns that make for better runs. This is not an inclusive list, of course, but the guns included here are guaranteed to help you go further, faster.

1 - Gunther

Gunther is arguably one of the most powerful guns in Enter the Gungeon.The main draw here is the fact that, with each room cleared, Gunther becomes more powerful, allowing you to build off of early momentum.


As you clear rooms, Gunther's clip size gets larger, the damage increases, and in the later stages, bullets begin to home onto enemies. This strength comes into play through the later levels, as cleared rooms ease the difficulty of later bosses and enemies.


Gunther doesn't come cheap, though - to get it, you have to kill the High Dragun with the blessings of the Sorceress, which is no easy matter. If you manage to do so, however, you'll be unlocking one of the most powerful weapons in the entire game.


  • Gunther is one of the hardest guns to unlock in Enter the Gungeon, requiring a lot of late game level clearing and NPC unlocking.

2- Black Hole Gun

The Black Hole Gun is a very powerful weapon. Most of this power comes from its environmental effects: when fired, the gun creates a black hole that sucks in enemies, and bullets.


Any weapon that clears a room is incredibly powerful, but considering how much damage the Black Hole Gun actually does, this weapon goes beyond that. Being able to clear a stage while also paving the way for free movement is incredibly powerful, and because of this, the Black Hole Gun should rank high up on anyone's roster.


3- Deck4rd

The Deck4rd is a semiautomatic pistol that fires explosive rounds. While it only has a two-bullet clip size and a 40 ammo upper limit, the fact that this gun deals splash damage on impact is incredibly powerful.


This splash damage is especially useful in certain boss fights, such as the fight against the Treadnaught. In circumstances where enemies spawn as the results of other enemy actions (such as is the case with the Treadnaught and certain later enemies), the Deck4rd can clear rooms before they become overwhelming.


4 - Bee Hive

The Bee Hive is "nature's gun", a gun that fires - predictably - bees. The main allure here is the fact that the bees are "homing bees", capable of crossing from one corner of the room to the other and dealing good amounts of damage.


As with other weapons on this list, the Bee Hive's draw is in how it changes the dynamic of certain boss fights. When utilizing the Bee Hive, boss fights essentially become a game of dodging, removing the element of aiming that is required to deal boss damage.


This is incredibly important against bosses like the Trigger Twins, who can flood the environment with bullets, making dealing damage a task in and of itself.


  • The Bee Hive is a reference to...well, beehives. 

5 - Sling

The Sling perfectly represents why you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. At first glance, the Sling seems entirely unbecoming for the Gungeoneer. A seemingly weak weapon with a clip size of 1 and ammo limit of 50, the Sling has a hidden property - extra boss damage.


This extra damage, coupled with the ability to make the fired rocks bounce once after being released, makes the Sling a perfect weapon for bosses that require "hit and run" or "camping" tactics. Additionally, the extra damage it deals can help clear bosses like the Wallmonger, where speed is a necessity.


Pair the Sling with a few Molotovs, and all but the strongest bosses will be putty in your hands.


  • The Sling is a reference to the biblical story of David and Goliath, where David used a sling to defeat the megalithic Goliath.

The Battle Chest

Disagree with our gun choices? We reached out to fans via a wide range of social media outlets to create this list, but we totally understand that, just like one man's trash is another man's treasure, one man's favorite gun is another man's piece of trash. Let us know in the comments what weapons you would like to see in future Gun/Run lists, and we'll try and include them!


For more gameplay tips, check out the Official Wiki, packed to the gills with secrets, references, and guides to surviving the bullet hell onslaught. Want to chat up some fellow Gungeoneers? Head over to our forums!



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