Top Tips for Defeating the Trigger Twins

Meet the Trigger Twins

Calling the Trigger Twins a "boss" is a bit of a misnomer - they're actually two bosses who act in concert with one another. Because of this, they can be hard to handle for novice Gungeoneers.


Here are four tips for dealing with the Trigger Twins, and descending into the depths of the Gungeon!

The Romeo and Juliet Strategy

As we've discussed on the official community forums, there are two general strategies to dealing with the Trigger Twins. One of these techniques is called the "Romeo and Juliet" strategy. Based on a Karazhan encounter in World of Warcraft and named after the Shakespearean play, the concept behind this strategy rests on how the Trigger Twins buff one another.


When a Trigger Twin dies, the other will "redouble his efforts to end the life of the invading Gungeoneer". This means that it might be in the best interests of the player to avoid outright killing one of the Twins. By making sure each Twin gets equally damaged, you can kill them in quick succession, avoiding the death buff.




  • Put distance between yourself and the Twins. Because this strategy requires you keeping the Twins alive, you need to space out their bullets so that you can slip in between the spaces. Being too close makes this almost impossible.
  • Stay oriented on one side of the Twin at a time. If you strafe around and try to level out damage too much, you'll get distracted, and might even kill one of the Twins prematurely.

The AoE Crowd Control Strategy

The Trigger Twins have a huge weakness - they tend to clump together when moving. With the proper equipment loadout and strategy, this can be taken advantage of to great effect.


Certain Gungeoneers have AoE (area of effect) items by default - other Gungeoneers can find these items as early as the first floor. One of the best items for this strategy is the Molotov in the default Convict loadout. When thrown, this weapon sets a small area on fire, dealing equal damage to all enemies within.


By forcing the Twins to move together and dealing immediate area of effect damage, the time spent fighting the Twins can be cut down dramatically, exposing your Gungeoneer to less bullet spread.




  • The movement of the Twins can be controlled by moving around the room and watching their reactions. Try and get the twins in the same general area before throwing a Molotov for maximum effect.
  • Weapons like the Snowballer can stall the Twins movement, forcing them into a better position for area of effect damage.

The Isolation Strategy

In stark contrast to the previously mentioned Romeo and Juliet strategy, the Isolation Strategy does the exact opposite - take out a Twin at the first moment possible. While this means you're facing a buffed enemy, you will be cutting down the enemies faced by half, especially when considering the minions that the Twins can spawn to fight alongside.


This buff can't be overstated, however - the surviving Twin will do everything they can to take you out, and will seem faster, stronger, and smarter.


Thus, just as with the Romeo and Juliet strategy, this is a huge gamble. It comes down to how you prefer to play the game. If you have any issues with bullet floods, you need to take on the Isolation Strategy. If you have no issues with the bullet floods or have area of effect items, the Romeo and Juliet strategy is by far the best choice.




  • Distance is even more important here than in any of the other strategies. The surviving Twin will be extremely angry, and will respond accordingly. Keep space between yourself and the surviving Twin to dodge their bullets.
  • When taking out the first Twin, do so at a distance. The buff on the survivor is put in place immediately, and the first few volleys fired are hard to handle at close range.

The "No Strategy" Strategy

The unfortunate reality of facing off against bosses in a rogue like is that there will be situations where no strategy is really effective. The confluence of specific attacks and the limitations of your current layout may make your strategy less "careful planning" and more "just survive".


That's ok, though - adapting to your current situation is a key skill in the Gungeon. Without an area of effect weapon or powerful gun, your entire strategy should be to simply stay alive. Even single weak shots from starter weapons like the Budget Revolver can take down a Twin over time - but this requires you to stay alive.




  • Circle strafe, circle strafe, circle strafe! Being a moving target means you're less likely to be hit, and in the "No Strategy" strategy, even a half heart of damage could significantly weaken your position in battle.
  • Utilize your Dodge Roll often, but keep in mind that if you do not properly time the roll, you are making yourself susceptible to damage when you get back up. Roll towards fire when there are single waves of bullets, and to the side when there are multiple waves.

Simpler Than You Think

The Trigger Twins are easier to deal with than you might think. The main issue here is the fact that there are two of them, and that they each are prone to flooding the screen with bullets. Don't panic, consider your loadout and relevant strategies for that loadout, and take your time. Once you find the right rhythm, dealing with the Twins is a simple affair.


For more gameplay tips, check out the Official Wiki, packed to the gills with secrets, references, and guides to surviving the bullet hell onslaught. Want to chat up some fellow Gungeoneers? Head over to our forums!



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