Four Ways to Get More Gungeon in Your Life!

Enter the Gungeon is just one of those life consuming games, isn't it? All day long, at school, at work, we dream of that perfect run using that perfect weapon, finally reaching our goal - The Gun that can Kill the Past.


 Unfortunately, reality means that playing the game 24/7 just isn't possible. So how is a Gungeoneer supposed to get their fix in such a predicament? EASY! Here's Four Ways to Get More Gungeon in Your Life!

1 - Watch Some Streams!

What's almost as good as playing the game? Watching someone else play the game! We've compiled a list of streams and VODs on the forums for your perusal. You can watch the official Devolver Digital stream here; if co-op is more your speed, streamers like SpcyWaffle have you covered.


The forums on are the premier source for Enter the Gungeon streams, with new streams being announced every day. Keep your eyes there, as there's a bevvy of content from a huge range of users. Speaking of the forums...

2 - Join Us On the Forums!

The forums are the number one community resource for Enter the Gungeon - filled with passionate and obsessed fans, they're the perfect place to ask that strange lore question, post that hilarious screenshot, or even talk about your favorite non-Enter the Gungeon topics.


Wait, other topics exist outside of Enter the Gungeon? Who'd have thought.

3 - Check Out the Official Wiki!

Our community has put together a really awesome Official Wiki, packed to the gills with hints, references, and enemy guides.


Not sure what to do with that strange fireplace? The wiki has you covered! Maybe you're struggling with a boss like the High Priest. Well, the wiki's got your back there, as well!

4 - Read Our Guides!

Leery of looking elsewhere for your Gungeoneers fix? No worries - has a plethora of Guides and Tips published weekly on our news feed, fixing to make your game better, faster, and stronger! If you have any of your own, make sure you let your fellow Gungeoneers know by commenting on these guides - we need all the help we can get!

Check Out Our Social Media!

Loved the forums? Enjoyed the wikis? Thoughts the guides were the bees knees? Well, you should check out our social media accounts as well! You can give us a shout out on Twitter by tweeting @Gungeoneers! More of a Facebook kinda person? Message us on Facebook, and have a nice long chat about a horrid, lengthy battle!


See you in the Gungeon, fellow Gungeoneers!



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